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Mickey & Minnie Overnight Oats

Mickey & Minnie Overnight Oats
Mickey & Minnie Overnight Oats

These Mickey & Minnie Overnight Oats feature a chocolate Mickey head and a chocolate Minnie head. Below Mickey are rows of walnuts, chia seed, coconut, and raspberry jam with toasted coconut. Below Minnie are rows of fresh raspberries, fresh bananas with dried rose petals, chia seed, and coconut. What a nice breakfast for a couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The 2 fresh roses at the bottom are a nice romantic touch. This post contains affiliate links. 

This wonderful food art was made by Thirsty For Tea

Mickey & Minnie Overnight Oats

Enjoy this yummy oatmeal with a fresh cup of hot tea that is Disney themed. Harney & Sons has Mickey and Minnie tea. Mickey tea  is black tea with rose hips and vanilla and Minnie Mouse is Rose scented black tea with caramel.




This is #2 of 14 Valentine’s Day Posts that I am doing. Yesterday I featured, a Cupid Mickey Mouse cake. Check back tomorrow for another pop culture Valentine’s treat.

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