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Cupid Mickey Mouse Cake

Cupid Mickey Mouse Cake
Cupid Mickey Mouse Cake

This Cupid Mickey Mouse cake is a sculpted cake. Mickey is holding cupid’s bow and pointing the bow  toward a golden arrow pierced large red heart with on top of a number one for a 1st birthday celebration. It makes it appear that he  just shot the golden arrow through the large red heart on top of the number one.  Also notice the white wings on Mickey’s back to make him look like Cupid.

This wonderful cake was made by Mike McCarey. Mickey is 16” tall and is made entirely of modeling chocolate.  Also the number one and heart cake is about 32 inches tall. I love all of his cakes.  They are edible engineering feats.  Each cake is meticulously planned and built.

The number one cake is covered in gold fondant. In addition a fondant shaped number one is in front of it and it is also gold with a red border and has a white banner in the middle with the birthday name written in gold letters.

Furthermore both the number one and the red heart has such crisp lines. The heart is covered in red fondant and has black fondant circles all over it.  In addition a gold arrow runs all the way through it. A piece of wafer paper has the words Happy Birthday.

Valentine’s Day Posts #1 of 14

This is the first of 14 posts featuring pop culture Valentine’s Day cake and cookies made by many terrific cake and cookie artists.  I thought this Cupid Mickey Mouse cake would be the perfect way to start.

Come back tomorrow for more Valentines’s Day themed sweets and a pop culture Valentine’s Day couple.

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