In my Coconut Milk Chicken Recipe , I use turmeric.      Turmeric is in the ginger family. It is native to tropical south Asia. The rhizome part of the plant is ground into a powder. It has a very bitter, peppery taste and a beautiful rich mustard gold color. Is is sometimes used […]

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Cardamom Pod Information

  In my Coconut Milk Chicken Recipe, I use whole Cardamom seeds.    Cardamom is in the same plant family as ginger. There are 2 types of Cardamom pods: green cardamom and black cardamom.  Green cardamom and black cardamom both grow in India and are commonly used in Indian food recipes.  Green cardamom seeds are fried

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Coconut Milk Chicken Recipe

  Coconut Milk Chicken is a creamy, very mild, and sweet Indian dish which is fairly easy to make.  Coconut Milk doesn’t taste like Coconut, so people who dislike Coconut often like this dish.    Please click Coconut Milk Chicken Recipe to view the complete recipe.              

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