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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Cake

LEGO Death Star Cake  

This Death Star Cake was based on the LEGO Death Star.  My daughter and I made this open Death Star Cake for my son’s 9th birthday.  He loves LEGO and Star Wars.


This cake includes figure and scenes of:

the Emperor’s throne with Emperor and Red Guard figures

Obi Wan and Darth Vader fighting.  Their lightsabers were candles which we lit when we sang Happy Birthday.

the black conference table

the tower guns

Dred Priest figure (from Extended Star Wars Universe-one of my son’s favorite characters)

Death Star Turbo Laser Dish

Prison cell with Han Solo storm trooper figure

Trash compactor with Luke Skywalker storm trooper figure, Princess Leia Organa figure, and trash compactor monster figure

Imperial Shuttle with Storm Trooper figure

Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca figure

Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter


Additional posts will follow on how we made each figure and scene on the cake as well as recipes for the cakes.


Here is a list of the basic ingredients that went into the cake just to give you an idea of what was required to make the cake.

One batch for 2 layers of 9” by 2” cakes of devil food cake with cherries for the twelve inch layer


One and one half batches for 2 layers of 9” by 2” cakes of devil food cake for the fourteen inch layer



Two batches of Easy Cherry Cake for the 16 inch layer


Six batches of rolled fondant


Green, yellow, brown, blue, white, red, and black powdered food coloring


Green and Silver Luster Dust


Mini M&M’s


Mini vanilla wafers


Vanilla wafers


One batch of candy modeling clay


Five batches of Rice Krispies Treats


A lot of time to make each cake, figure, and scene piece.


Here’s more pictures of my son’s Death Star cake.




Death star top view 

Death star top layer 

Death star middle layer 


Death star middle layer2 


Death star bottom layer 

Death star bottom layer2

 Death star with Michael