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Beautiful Steampunk Butterfly Cake


Steampunk Cake

Butterflies, ladybugs, and even snails are all animals that in a little girls imagination seem to appear from fairyland. While I have kept a love of butterflies and ladybugs from childhood, my love of ladybugs has recently disappeared. My daughter loves rose bushes, so we have a bunch around the house.  This summer, some of them had managed to come down with aphids. After talking to the nearest nursery, I decided to pick up ladybugs to try to get rid of the aphids. Unfortunately, the ladybugs only came in bags of 1,500.  We put out the ladybugs in the evening, but somehow reaching into a bag full of that many ladybugs, to put them at the base of the plants, has given me an aversion to ladybugs. After going to all the trouble of buying the ladybugs and putting them out, by the next morning all the ladybugs were gone and the aphids where still there.


Steampunk Cake

My favorite thing about this cake is the way it integrates nature and steampunk. Most steampunk consists of inanimate objects, but I love the way that this cake include a steampuk butterfly, ladybug and snail. My favorite of the three would have to be the ladybug.  This wonderful cake was made by Queen Jessica