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Marvelous 5th Birthday Frozen Cake

Disney Frozen Castle Cake

This Marvelous Frozen Cake was made by Richard’s Cakes.  Elsa the Snow Queen, her ice palace, and Olaf the snowman have been excellently crafted on this Disney cake. Elsa is standing in front of the Frozen ice castle that she has created in the mountains. The castle is white with white spires and ice decorations. The white ice bridge made of white ice steps leads from the cake board to the entrance to the ice castle. Olaf is standing in front of the castle in a pile of snow. In front of the castle is a blue ribbon with the Birthday name and wishing a Happy 5th birthday. the cake board is white like it is covered in snow.



Queen Elsa Cake

 Here’s a close-up of Elsa the Snow Queen. She is wearing her blue ice dress. Her hand is outstretched like she if about to make more ice creations.


Olaf Cake Topper

Here’s a close-up of Olaf. He is standing at the bottom of the castle. He has an adorable look on his face. His arms are outstretched.

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