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Terrific Tangled 5th Birthday Cake

Tangled Cake

This terrific Tangled Cake was made by Emma Jayne Cake Design.  Emma Jayne’s figure of Rapunzel is absolutely terrific.  

Rapunzel is standing on top of this single layer Disney cake. The cake is colored darker green around her feet to represent grass. There are white flowers on the ground beside her.  Her hair goes down her back and wraps around her onto the front of the cake.

The cake is covered in light green fondant. The is a name tag in front of the cake that has the birthday name and a 5 to represent the birthday age. Small flowers are on top of the name. Underneath the name tag is a purple ribbon that goes around the cake. There is a large pink flower and a purple bow beside the name tag.


Tangled Cake

Here’s a view of the back of Rapunzel’s hair.  There are small pink flowers on the back of the cake. 


Rapunzel Cake

Here’s a close-up of Rapunzel.  She is wearing a purple dress with a darker purple bottom with a border of dark purple flowers. There is a pattern on the front of the dress. The top of the dress is lighter purple and is laced with purple strings. It has long purple sleeves. The collar of the dress is white. Her hair is amazing!


Rapunzel CakeHere’s a view of Rapunzel’s face. She has green eyes and long blonde hair. She is sticking out her tongue. 

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