Frodo And Gandalf At Bag End

Hobbit Cake

Julia Hardy made this magnificent cake version of Frodo Baggin’s Hobbit Hole called Bag End for a birthday celebration. This must be one of the nicest places in this edible shire. This started off as a 9 inch cake and wound up covering a 14 inch cake board. This cake has a green hill with Bag End inset into the hill. There are white foxgloves just outside the house. There is a carpet of green grass all around and on top of it are several different types of leafy plants.  The gray stone stepped pathway leading up to the house is wonderful. The door to the house is a green round shape with brown trim around and a brown door handle in the middle.  The windows are green with brown brick trim around them.  A flower pot of white flowers in below one of the windows.  Frodo and Gandalf are standing outside the Hobbit Hole. Gandalf is wearing a gray robe with a brown belt and a gray hat.  He is holding a staff in his hand. He has a grey beard. Frodo has black pants, a white shirt with a brown vest and a green tunic. He has brown hair and is holding a staff in his hand.  Both figures were made using gum paste. Frodo and Gandalf look like they are ready to start off on a grand adventure.

Hobbit Cake

View of Frodo Baggins’ Hobbit Hole

Galdalf Cake

Frodo Baggins and Gandalf in gumpaste form

Bag End Cake

Side view of Bag End

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  1. Gorgeous cake! What size and shape cakes did you start with to make the hill? I love it . Fantastic job.

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