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Vertical Hobbit Hole Tart

3-D Hobbit Hole Tart

This Vertical Hobbit Hole Tart is a stand up Hobbit Hole Door tart with complimenting cookies made from pistachio pâté sucrée for the walkway, flower pots, and a tree. In addition coordinating cupcakes have green moss frosting and The One Ring cookies in the center. These wonderful tart was made by  Inspired To Taste. The walkway […]

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Hobbit Hole Cake

Sculpted Hobbit Hole Cake

This sculpted Hobbit Hole cake looks just like Bag End. It was Bilbo’s house aka. Hobbit-hole in Hobbiton. It has multiple shades of green for the grass on top to make it look more realistic.  It looks like an airbrush was used to apply the different shades to give it depth.   This wonderful cake

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Terrific Hobbit Hole Cake

This Terrific Hobbit Hole cake looks like a scene out of the movie.  Everything looks so realistic.  The door looks like green painted wood. There is a dirt walkway going up to the door. The Hobbit Hole is made of red bricks. The chimney matches the bricks of the Hobbit Hole. This wonderful cake was

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