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Radioactie Man vs. The Agents of C.A.K.E.

Welcome to Day 6 of Simpsononymous!



Blake Anthony from BlakeyCakes crafted this Marvelous Ranier Wolfcastle in a Radioactive Man costume.  The cake board is yellow. There is a 25th at the bottom of the Radioactive Man figure.  The ‘2’ and the ‘5’ look very much like pink iced donuts covered with multicolored sprinkles on the top. The sides of the numbers are yellow.  Ranier Wolfcastle is wearing yellow boots, red pants, a red shirt and a yellow cape. His nose and mouth are yellow. The rest of his face is covered in a red cowl mask. He has green eyes. The top of this red cowl has a radioactive symbol in the middle and a yellow lightning bolt coming out of the top. This Splendid Simpson’s cake was done in a Futuristic style with a graphic design flair. It was based on Enrico Prampolinis’ Portrait of Marinetti.




Rainier Wolfcastle  Cake

Side view of Radioactive Man



Inspiration – Enrico Prampolinis’ Portrait of Marinetti


Simpsons Cake

Blake Anthony is beside his Marvelous Simpson’s cake.


Grandpa Simpson Cake

This Fabulous Grandpa Simpson Cake was created by Ant Roman from Nerdache Cakes. Grandpa Simpson is wearing a brown robe with a white shirt underneath it. He has a headpiece that is blue at his head and has tan fabric coming out of the blue to look somewhat like a desert nomad hat. He is wearing wire rimmed glasses and has a single pearl earring in his ear. This wonderful Simpson’s Cake is based on Johannes Vermeers’ Girl with the Pearl Earring.



Inspiration – Johannes Vermeers’ Girl with the Pearl Earring


Grandpa Simpson Cake

Ant Roman is holding her Marvelous Grandpa Simpson Cake.


Millhouse Cake

This Terrific Millhouse Cake was made by Justin Lynch. The cake board is blue and covered with clouds to represent the sky. Millhouse is a standing 3D cake.  He is wearing red shorts and a purple shirt. He has blue hair and blue eyebrows and is wearing red glasses. There is a red ’25’ in font of him to represent The Simpsons 25th Anniversary.  This Marvelous Simpsons cake was based on Self-Portrait with Straw Hat by Vincent Van Gogh.



Inspiration – Self-Portrait with Straw Hat by Vincent Van Gogh


Millhouse Cake

 Here’s a photograph of Justin Lynch holding his Wonderful Simpson’s Cake.


Hiromi Greer  Plopper the Spider Pig

Hiromi Greer of Haute Sweets crafted this Fabulous Plopper Cake. Homer renamed Plopper Spider-Pig and Harry Plopper, and eventually just called him Plopper. Plopped is immersed in a white cup of brown mud and the mud is overflowing the cup and spilling onto the white saucer.  Plopper is light pinkish tan colored with a white tuff of hair at the top of his head. His feet are gray. There are pig footprints on the floor and wall beside the white cup and saucer.  A donut with pink icing and sprinkles with the number 25 is in front of white cup and saucer. The ’25’ represents the Simpson’s 25th Anniversary.  This Wonderful Simpsons Cake was based on Yoshitomo Nara’s Pup Cup.


Inspiration – Pup Cup by Yoshitomo Nara


Simpsons Cake

Hiromi Greer with her Terrific Plopper Cake.


Sideshow Bob Cake

This Magnificent Sideshow Bob Cake was made by CAKES BY TIMBO. This Simpson’s Cake is a bust of Sideshow Bob.  Sideshow Bob is wearing a purple shirt. He has red hair and red eyebrows. This Awesome cake was based on the Realism art style.




Side and front view of Sideshow Bob


Sideshow Bob  Cake

Here’s Timbo Sullivan with his Wonderful Sideshow Bob Cake.



This Awesome Sideshow Mel shrunken head was made by Sarah Ono Jones of Magpies Bakery.  Sideshow Mel has sharp teeth around the bottom of the head.  The face is a yellowish brown color. His mouth and eyes are sewn shut. His hair is blue and a white bone is tied into the hair near the top. This Amazing Simpsons Cake was based on Dirty Don Gillies Shrunken Head.



Inspiration – Dirty Don Gillies – Shrunken Head


Sideshow Mel Cake

Here’s a shot of Sarah Ono Jones holding her Wonderful Simpsons cake.



This Superb Jasper Cake was made by Magpies Bakery.  Jasper is in the middle of the cake dressed in blue pants, red shirt, and green vest.  He is holding up a cane in his hand just like Moses held up a staff. He is standing on dry ground with the red sea parted all around him. There is a yellow octopus, a pink fish and a purple fish in the suspended waves of the Red Sea. This Splendid Simpson’s cake was based on the painting Moses Parting the Red Sea by Siegfried Detler. 



Inspiration – Moses parting the Red Sea by Siegfried Detler


Jasper  Cake

Here’s a picture of Peg Hambright with her Superb Simpsons cake.