Boo, Mike, and Sulley Pop Out To Say “Happy Birthday”

Monsters Inc Cake

This Splendid Monsters, Inc. Cake was made by A Wish and a Wisk Cakes.  This Disney Cake features Sulley, Mike, and Boo standing in a door frame peeking out.  The door frame looks somewhat like Greek style columns. Boo is wearing a pink shirt and has her hand up waving. Mike Wazowski appears just above Boo. He is green with a single eye and 2 yellow horns. He is smiling. James P. Sullivan is at the top of the door frame with his blue fur with purple spots.  He is smiling also. All are resting a hand on the door frame. The background of the room they are in is royal blue.  It is like they popped out from the Monster world to say, “Have a Wonderful Birthday.”