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Marvelous Chibi Frozen Cake

Frozen Cake

This Marvelous Chibi Disney Frozen Cake was made by Viva La Cake.  A cute chibi Olaf stands at the top of this cake. He has bright blue eyes, an orange carrot nose, and a small tuft of black hair on top of his head. You can see white sparkles in Olaf’s eyes. There is a purple flower with a yellow center and a green stem in front of Olaf. The Birthday name is written on small purple circles just in front of Olaf. The top layer of the cake is purple and has  a 3D portrait of Anna in the center with blue scrollwork and a pink heart on each side of Anna. Anna has red hair and is wearing a black dress with blue sleeves and a purple cloak on top.  The ornate frame surrounding Anna is white with a hint of blue. A second Birthday name is written on small blue circles in front of Anna.  There is a purple ribbon tied  around the layer and finished off with a purple bow. The bottom layer of the cake is aquamarine. There are white snowflakes all around. In the center is a 3D portrait of Elsa. Elsa has blonde hair and is wearing an aquamarine dress. Elsa is also surrounded by an ornate white frame with a hint of blue. The cake board is aquamarine with white snowflakes to match the bottom layer of the cake.  The side of the cake board is covered in a aquamarine polka dot ribbon. This looks like the perfect cake for a set of twins who love the Disney Frozen movie. 

Olaf Cake

Olaf with the Purple flower

Frozen Cake

Portrait of Anna

Frozen Cake

Portrait of Elsa

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