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Anna and Elsa and a Frozen Castle

Frozen Cake

This Terrific Frozen Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. This frozen ice castle has five spires. White snowflakes are scattered around. Elsa is standing on top of the ice castle. Elsa has long blonde hair set into a single ponytail. She is wearing a light blue dress. Just in front of Elsa is a snowy white rail. The rail ends in two small tri-snowball stacks. At the middle of the castle is a larger cylindrical room with a small door. Six white stairs lead up to the top layer of the castle. Anna is sitting at the bottom of the castle beside the stairs.  Snow covered trees are at the bottom of the ice castle. Two white small windows are at the bottom the castle on either side of the stairs. A blue ribbon covers the side of the round cake board.

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