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Anna and Elsa in a Winter Wonderland

Disney Frozen Cake

This Marvelous Disney Frozen Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. Anna and Elsa are on top of this cake. Elsa has blonde hair and is standing on the side of a snowy mountain wearing a light blue dress. Elsa has a hand up waving. Anna is standing on top of the cake wearing a dress with a black top and a blue skirt and a purple cloak. There are snow covered trees on the top of the cake.  The birthday age ‘7’ is made of ice and stuck atop a small snowy mound. The side of the cake is completely covered in white icicles. There is an icy placard with the birthday name and two snowflakes. The edge of the round cake board is covered with a light blue ribbon. The icicles on the side of this Disney cake and the snowy hills make this look very much like a Frozen winter wonderland.

Elsa Cake

Close-up of Elsa

Anna Cake Figure

Close-up of Anna

Disney Frozen Cake

Close-up of icicles 

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