Cinderella Meets Beauty and The Beast

Disney Wedding Cake

Dolce Dita made this gorgeous “chic” Disney wedding cake.  It features a silhouette of Beauty and The Beast, the poisoned apple from Snow White, and Cinderella’s carriage.

The wedding cake is three layers.  Each layer is white with dark brown and light brown rings around them.  The cake board follows the same color scheme.  It is white with a dark brown edge.  On the bake board are lovely pink and white hand made flowers.

The first layer doesn’t have anything Disney related on it.  So this layer is white with a large brown band and a small light brown band.  The second layer has a lovely dark brown silhouette of Belle and the Beast.  Belle is wearing her formal gown and Beast is wearing his tuxedo.  The poisoned apple from Snow White is on top of this layer.  The third layer has a beautiful white and dark brown sign with the bride and groom’s initials.

On the top of the cake is the pièce de résistance – Cinderella’s Carriage.  Cinderella’s Carriage looks like the Fairy Godmother used a white pumpkin when she created the carriage.  It has lovely light bronze scroll work on top.  The carriage’s window is framed with elaborate light bronze as well.  There are red curtains beside the window.  The top of the curtains and bronze work form a heart.  There is a seat in the front and rear form the coachmen.  The wheels are beautiful light bronze spirals.  The top layer of the cake has extremely fancy edge work that surrounds the carriage.  The white and light bronze of the carriage matches the white and light brown of the cake.  The overall effect is absolutely lovely.

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