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Carol Peletier Inspires You To Never Give Up!

The Walking Dead Cake

Yesterday, I featured a gorgeous Walking Dead edible sculpture featuring Carol Peletier Sculpture

The Walking Dead is about how people respond under unbelievable pressure.  Carol is one of the main characters in the Walking Dead TV show.  As the series has progressed, she has discovered her inner strength.

That’s why Carolina Lara included the quote:


You fight it.

You don’t give up.

and one day

you just



The quotes comes from the episode Indifference.  It is one of the last things Carol says to Lizzie.

Carol is portrayed differently in the comic and TV show.  From Wikipedia: “In the comic series, Carol exhibits a neurotic, self-centered, and naive demeanor. Throughout her time in the comics, she grows increasingly unstable, to the extent of self-destruction. The television show differs in these regards, as she is shown to be a stern, pragmatic, and compassionate individual who has been gradually building inner strength.”  Wikipedia has a wonderful quote by Executive Produce Scott Gimple about this. “[Carol] was strong all along. The apocalypse didn’t make her strong. The apocalypse made her show herself that she’s strong”.


Carol Peletier Statue

The likeness of Melissa McBride, the actress who plays Carol Peletier on TV, is wonderful.

I really like how this contrasts with Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier Quote

Carol Peletier



Two Skulls

Sophia Peletier's Doll


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