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Cool Batman and Mr. Freeze Cookies

Batman and Mr. Freeze Cookies

These wonderful Batman and Mr. Freeze Cookies were made by Craft Me A Cookie.  They were made for a 3 year olds birthday party.  There are four cookies in the set.  The top cookie is a classic Batman logo.  It has the image of Batman’s face and cape, but where the word Batman would be is the birthday boy’s name.  The cookie on the left is the Bat-Signal shining on the number 3.  The cookie on the right is a profile view of Batman.  There is something about Batman’s stance and the proportions of his body that make me think this is a kid version of Batman.  The cookie at the bottom features Mr. Freeze.  The design of Mr. Freeze looks to be inspired by Batman: The Animated Series.

Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s better known villains, especially after being played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie – Batman & Robin.  But, did you know that when Mr. Freeze originally appeared way back in 1959, he had a different name and look? 


Batman 121

Batman #121 premiered a new Batman villain called Mr. Zero.  While he had the classic helmet associated with Mr. Freeze, his skin looked normal and his costume was green and pink.  I’m not sure how many times Mr. Zero appeared, but he wasn’t a major Batman villain.  What happened to change all that?  The classic Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward reinvented the character.

I haven’t see the Batman TV show since it was in syndication when I was teenager, so my memory on some of this is very vague.  Somehow, Mr. Zero was one of the villains chosen to appear on the old the Batman TV series.  He was given the much cooler name Mr. Freeze.  The amazing actor George Sanders, best known as Shere Khan in Disney’s The Jungle Book, was cast to play Mr. Freeze.  Unfortunately, Mr. Freeze’s costume looked like something left over from a kid’s space TV show.  The costume was a astronaut’s space suit and Mr. Freeze had a freeze ray.  I have no recollection of this version of Mr. Freeze.  In the 2nd and 3rd seasons, Mr. Freeze was played by the famous director Otto Preminger (who produced and directed the film noir classic Laura), and Eli Wallach (who appeared in over 90 films ranging from the Misfits with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Clint Eastwood.) These are the actors I remember being Mr. Freeze.  For some reason, they decided to completely redo Mr. Freeze’s costume in the 2nd season.  Otto Preminger had bluish / purple skin and bright orange eye brows.  The helmet was replaced with a neck brace with a temperature control panel. 

Otto Preminger / Mr. Freeze action figure  


Figures Toy Company will be releasing this cool 8 inch Otto Preminger  / Mr. Freeze action figure later this year.

In the 3rd and final season of Batman, Eli Wallach played Mr. Freeze.  His costume was similar to Otto Preminger’s but the big difference was his hair.  Eli’s version of Mr. Freeze had black and silver hair that looked frozen and ginormous eye brows that almost touched his sideburns.  Of three actors who portrayed Mr. Freeze, Eli is the one I remember the most.

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