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Marvelous Alice In Wonderland Baby Shower Cake

Alice In Wonderland Cake

This Marvelous Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower Cake was made by Sophia Fox Cake Designer. Alice is at the top of the cake holding a gold key in one hand and a cookie in the other hand. She is wearing her blue and white dress. Alice is standing in a teacup filled with red and white mushrooms and green gum drops. The teacup is white with gold trim. It has a large pink flower on the side.

The top layer of the cake is a dark green Mad Hatter’s Hat. This hat has hat pins and a cameo pin. the bottom layer is a brown tree stump. The White Rabbit’s gold pocket watch is in front of cake.  A gold picture frame is on the other side of the cake.

Red and white mushrooms are scattered around the top and bottom of the brown tree log layer.

Alice In Wonderland Cake

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