You’ll Flip Over This SpongeBob Wedding Cake

Two Sided Wedding Cake

This marvelous two sided SpongeBob Wedding Cake was made by Estrele Cakes.  I really like the design of this two sided wedding cake.  One side is a gorgeous wedding cake.  But if you flip it around, the other side is a funny scene featuring SpongeBob.


Wedding Cake

Here is a close-up of the wedding cake side.  The cake is made up of four layers of white circles.  Each circle is slightly smaller than the one bellow it.  Each layer has a small white band near the bottom.  Draped across the cake are a lovely set of flowers.  There are three types of flowers: red roses, a red peonies, and orange lilies.  All of the flowers are connected to a vine with green leaves.  The detail on these flowers is amazing.


SpongeBob Wedding Cake

If you flip this cake around, the backside features SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward.  The cake is cut away and colored a sea bluish green.  There are air bubbles and jelly fish on the side of the cake.  The base is yellow and looks like sand.  Patrick is swinging on a rope.  SpongeBob is holding onto a giant fishing line and has one foot resting in the hook.  Squiadward appears to be yelling at the other two.  The figures are terrific and background fits perfectly.