Splendid Baymax 4th Birthday Cake

Baymax Cake

This splendid Baymax 4th Birthday Cake was made by Charity Fent Cake Design. Baymax is standing on top of the cake.  He is in his white Personal Healthcare Companion inflatable form. I always liked it when someone said ‘Ouch!’ and Baymax came to the rescue and said, ‘Hello I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.’

Baymax is standing beside a white number ‘4’ that has the birthday name written in black letters down the ‘4’. The top layer of the cake is the head of Baymax in the red armor that Hiro made for him. His two black eyes with a black line joining them can be seen through the armor. There are two purple circles over his ears.

The bottom layer of this multi-layered Disney birthday cake represents the city skyline of San Fransyoko. The cake has a white background to represent the sky. There are red and white building in the foreground and purple silhouettes of buildings in the background.

The cake board is the same purple as the purple silhouettes on the cake. 

This cake does a nice job incorporating the red, white, and purple color scheme of Baymax and his armor for this Big Hero 6 cake.