Nightmare Before Christmas Meets Mario

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake

This Nightmare Before Christmas Meets Mario Cake was made byBlack Cherry Cake Company.  This Fabulous wedding cake combines Mario and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  The bride and groom wanted both themes and let the baker decide how the final cake would look. This multi-tiered cake is composed of four layers.

The bottom layer of the cake is black and gray with Zero and Piranha in front. The Piranha have larger teeth and are black and white.  The next layer is a dark purple question block. The next layer up is a black and white mushroom.  At the top of the cake, Mario and Peach are dressed as Jack and Sally. Oogie Boogie is dressed as Yoshi. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are Shy Guys. There are Boo Ghosts, Dry Bones, and Dark Piranha plants. The Mario landscape has a spiral hill around the back and Zero, the bride’s favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character is in the front of the cake.

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake

Here’s Mario dressed in Jack Skellington’s clothes and a black cap with the letter ‘J’ for Jack Skellington. Peach is dressed as Sally in a white patchwork wedding dress. She has on white crown and is holding black roses.

There is a purple banner with the words ‘Simply meant to be’ in black letters. There are boo ghosts above and below the purple banner.

Mario Cake

Here’s a view of the purple question Block. It is also called a Mystery Block in SuperMario Land and a Prize Block in Super Mario World. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are in their shy guy costumes beside the Block. Yoshi dressed as Oogie Boogie and Dry Bones is beside him. Both are under the black and white mushroom.

There are black and white Piranha plants. Zero is on the cake board.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Here’s a close-up of Zero on the black cobblestone cake board.