Adorable Simba Sweet 16 Cake

Lion king Cake

This Adorable Simba Sweet 16 Cake was made by Tracey Rothwell of Little Cherry Cake Company. This is a cute cake for a sixteen year old girl’s birthday party who is a huge Disney Lion King fan.

At the very top of the cake is a handcrafted sugar paste cup and saucer with Simba, as a lion cub, sticking his head out of the cup.  He looks so adorable. There is a single pink rose on the saucer at the base of the cup. A large green leaf is behind Simba. The top layer of the cake is a tall cake layer with an oval plaque surrounded by white pearls. There is a large white number 16 in the center of the oval to represent the birthday age. The base of this cake layer has edible lace wrapped around it. 

At the base of this cake layer is a large pink rose and a small white rose with two large light green leaves. A white string of pearls hands down from the pink rose and drapes down over the side of the cake layer below.

The bottom layer of the cake is light pink with darker pink specks. There is a border of edible white lace around the bottom of this cake layer. A single light green leaf is at one side of this cake layer. 

This Lion King birthday cake nicely combines the elements of elegant and cute.

The large green leaves were made using a pink acrylic JEM leaf cutter. The white pearls look like they were made using a pearl fondant mold. A mold was probable used to make the edible lace.

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