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Fabulous Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes

Sleeping Beauty Cucpakes

These Fabulous Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes were made by The Cake Cuppery. 

These Disney cupcakes were made for A Step Back In Time Cupcake Collaboration where cupcakes artists created miniature works of art based on their favorite a Disney classic animated movie.

These Wonderful Disney Princess Cupcakes feature Princess Aurora asleep with the spinning wheel, Aurora’s birthday cake, Maleficent as the dragon, a Maleficent mask, and Prince Phillip sword and shield.

Princess Aurora Cupcake

Briar Rose is lying on the floor asleep. There is a red rose in front of her and the spinning wheel where she pricked her finger is behind her.

Malificent Cupcake

This is an awesome figure of Maleficent as the Dragon that hinders Prince Phillip from reaching the castle to rescue Sleeping Beauty.

Meleficent Cupcake

Here’s a Maleficent Mask and her wand.

Prince Phillip Cupcake

Prince Phillip’s red cape and shield and sword with the raven from Maleficent.

Sleeping Beauty Cupcake

Here’s the cake that the three fairies first made for Princess Aurora before they fixed it with magic. The three diary hats are beside the cake.

Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes

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