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This Awesome Batman Cake Will Protect Gotham City

Batman Cake

This great Batman Cake was made by Lori’s Custom Cakes.  It is a two layer cake.  The bottom layer is grey with Batman’s chest emblem. Wrapped around this layer is Batman’s utility belt.  The utility belt is yellow and has small compartments on it.

The second layer is the Gotham cityscape. The cake is grey so it looks like nighttime.  There are two layers of buildings.  The buildings in the front are black and have yellow lights.  Lori did something really cool here.  The second set of building are supposed to be further back, so she made them grey so they look more like shadows.  The end result is the building really do look further away.

Lori’s use of colors on this cake is terrific.  She only uses three colors on this cake – Black, Grey, and Yellow.

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