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Terrific Downton Abbey Cake Inspired By Lord Grantham’s Renault

Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Lord Granthams Renault 

This Terrific Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Lord Grantham’s Renault was made for the Downton Abbey Themed Cake Collaboration – A Sweet Farewell To Downton.


Karolina Andreasova


This Terrific cake was made by Karolina Andreasova from Karolina Cake Designer.

Here is Karolina’s bio:

Karolina started baking just for friends and family in 2010, after her first son was born. Coming from international background, she blends the unique flavours and features of East European and Western baking, whilst adding her own personal flair for attention to detail and artistic sugar-craft techniques. She is qualified and fully registered, award winning chef and sugar craft tutor based in Devon (Southwest), UK.  She is the 36-years old Mum of two cake-loving boys.  She is always very happy to see people of all ages and backgrounds appreciate this kind of edible art that is her highest reward, always.  


Downton abbey Cake inspired by Lord Granthams Renault


Here is Karolina’s description of her Terrific cake:

My inspiration was a Renault 12/16hp Launderette (1911) — Lord Grantham’s first car at Downton Abbey. I absolutely love and adore vintage cars, so it was dead easy for me to choose what my inspiration for this beautiful collaboration would be. My chocolate bas-relief was created to resemble vintage postcard, made out of modeling chocolate, sitting on rice paper background, all hand cut and hand painted. To get good idea about the proportions of this particular car, I studied lots of pictures and worked out my own detailed blueprint for it. I airbrushed precise outlines of the car, but then, during work I relaxed a lot and worked free-style, which I enjoyed very much.  


Downton Abbey cake inspired by Renault


Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Renault