Marvelous Golden Lyre Cake

Lyre Cake

This Marvelous Golden Lyre Cake was made by Ana Remigio from Cupcakes & Dreams in Carvoeiro, Portugal.

This Marvelous Golden Lyre Cake was made for the Music Around The World – Cake Notes Collaboration which is a cake collaboration that gathered forty-one cake and sugar artists from all over the world to celebrate the International Day of Music in the sweetest way. The collaboration covers cultural aspects of music made around the world, representing music genres and instruments from all over the world.

Here is Ana’s bio:

I’m Ana Remígio and I’m from the Algarve-Portugal. It was only after finished University (Degree in Marketing and Bachelor of Tourism), getting married and having children that I had my first contact with cake decorating. What began with a mere curiosity, somehow became an obsession… I love to study, create, choose shapes and colors, apply materials and techniques that allow me, most of the times, bold and amazing results. Being an enthusiastic about Cake Design, it’s with great honor that I have seen my work stand out in the international press, with articles published in several specialized cake magazines. Who is Ana Remígio? Someone without any pretension that through values and a great passion managed to achieve something that she never thought it was possible…turn sugar into emotions. 

Lyre Cake

Here is Ana’s description of her Fabulous cake:

Being an enthusiastic of ancient history and mythology I chose the Lyre as my musical inspiration. The LYRE was a stringed musical instrument played by the ancient Greeks and was also the musical instrument, above all others, which young Greeks had to learn in their schooling. For the ancient Greeks, music was viewed as quite literally a gift from the gods. In Greek mythology, Hermes is generally credited with it’s invention. The messenger god made the instrument from a tortoise shell, gut, and reeds, principally to help him steal 50 prize cattle from Apollo’s sacred herd. Apollo discovered the theft and was only placated by Hermes’ offer of the lyre. Apollo, from that point on, was considered the player par excellence of the lyre. Apollo also taught that other great mythical musician, Orpheus, how to play the instrument which would become his emblem. 

Lyre Cake

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