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Terrific Animal Rights Cookies

Bengal Tiger Cookies

These Terrific Bengal Tiger Cookies were made by Lorena Aparicio from Los Dulces De KOLO.

These Fabulous Animal Cookies were made for theAnimal Rights Collaboration which is an international cake collaboration featuring 160 amazing pieces in defense of animal rights. Isabel Tamargo of Tartas Imposibles hosted this collaboration.

Tiger Cookie

This beautiful Bengal Tiger is in a river with trees in the background.

Peacock Cookie

This Marvelous Peacock Cookie was made by Aixa Zunino from Dolce Sentire.

Here is Aixa’s description of this Fabulous cookie:

Peacocks, one of the most beautiful birds on Earth, are admired and loved by most of us. The colors, designs and especially their breeding plumage make it so special.Unfortunately, peacocks are hunted for both meat and also the feathers, illegally in many parts of the world which led to a major decrease in their population.Cookie entirely made with the piped royal icing dimensional technique and handpainted with Rainbow Dust Colours.

Panda Cookie

This Splendid Panda Cookie was made by Eli Femandez del Olmo from Mis dulcet tentaciones azucaradas.

Here is Eli’s description of this Fabulous cookie:

It is anticipated that climate change could remove, in the next 80 years, more than 35 % of the bamboo forests which are the habitat of the panda, this added to the impact it has on their habitat deforestation and poaching This has made the panda was in danger of extinction, luckily now his situation has happened to “vulnerable”.In this cookie decorated entirely in royal icing I’ve wanted to paint free, happy, climbing a tree outside the destruction that surrounds him.

Polar Bear Cookie

This Superb Polar Bear Cookie was made by Josune Eloisa Rivera from YoSi’s Creations.

Here is Josune’s description of this Fabulous cookie:

This piece in cookie describes a polar bear swimming in their environment, free, happy… I was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest and it’s a polar bear in its natural state and enjoying the nature of their environment.The materials used have been fondant renshaw for the base, rice paper for the flowers and edible paint sugarflair.