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Check Out These Amazing Couture Cakes

Couture Cake Dora Luca 

Check out the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration. It is hosted by Heba M Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba.  This is the first annual celebration of couture using all types of sugar medium as created by an international team of Sugar Artists. For the next three weeks, they will be introducing a new line of cakes, cookies and figurines. Please check out this collaboration.

This is the first of three posts about this Wonderful collaboration.

The Stunning Couture Cake above was made by Dora Luca of Aristocraticakes – cake design by Dora Luca. The two black tiers have beautiful flowers made with royal icing using the brush embroidery technique. The top layer is white with black polka dots. There is a large red rose on the front of the cake.



Couture Cake Beata Mielcarek

This Splendid Disney Couture Cake was made by Beata Mielcarek of Cake Artstudio.

This single layer cake is red to match the red cake board. There is a red 3-D Mickey head on the side of the cake. A black high heel shoe is on top of the cake.  There is a gold Mickey head on the black band of the shoe. A mouse, wearing red and yellow shorts like Mickey Mouse, is painted on the white part of the shoe.


Couture Cake Ana Remigio

This Fabulous Couture Cake was made by Ana Remigio of Cupcakes & Dreams. This two-tier cake has a tall tier and a wide tier on the top. The cake background and the cake board are black. The cake has beautiful flowers and birds on the sides of the tiers. The birds and flowers have depth and dimension. This cake is based on a design in the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exibition.


Couture Cake Joanne Wieneke

This Stunning Couture Cake was made by Joanne Wieneke of The Little Cake Patch. This multi-tiered cake has a girl dressed in a fancy white and gold dress as the top tier of the cake. This cake makes me think of a dress Marie Antionette might have worn. The bottom tier has a basketweave pattern. The bottom three tiers have fancy gold scrollwork at the center. 


Couture Cake Lori Mahoney

This Marvelous Couture Cake was made by Lori Ann Mahoney of Lori’s Custom Cakes. This elegant cake is black and white with draped black fondant on one side of the bottom tier of the cake. The white part of the cake has delicate lacy patterns of leaves and flowers. There is a large burgundy flower on the top of the cake.


Couture Cake Yelena Makarova

This Beautiful Couture Cake was made by Yelena Makarova of Arty Cake. This Splendid cake is in the shape of a girl balancing a flower box on top of her head. The gray dress has delicate flowers and green branches and a beautiful golden bird. There are two roses, one red and one yellow, near where the girl’s heart would be. The flower box has matching flowers and birds. This cake is based on a design by Alexander McQueen in his Savage Beauty exhibition.

Please visit the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration to check out more of these amazing cakes.