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Fabulous Disney Princess Easter Eggs

Ariel Easter Egg

These Wonderful Disney Princess Easter eggs were made by Bridget McCarty.

This Princess Ariel Easter egg shows Ariel under the sea talking to a seahorse.

The Easter egg is ocean colored.

Cinderella Easter Egg

This Princess Cinderella Easter egg shows Cinderella in her blue dress. The egg is in a flower pot decorated with magic swirls.

Sleeping Beauty Easter Egg

Here’s a Sleeping Beauty Easter egg with Princess Aurora walking through the forest dressed as Briar Rose. This egg is an Ostrich egg.

Sleeping Beauty Easter egg 2

There is a rabbit in Princess Aurora’s basket.

Maleficent Easter Egg

Even though this Easter egg does not represent a Disney princess, this Disney villain comes to mind as soon as I see the Briar Rose Easter Egg.

This Maleficent Easter egg is terrific.