These Disney Princess Easter Eggs Are Absolutely Gorgeous!

Sleeping Beauty Easter Egg

Ζάχαρη is an absolute master of the chocolate Easter Egg.  These Disney Princess Easter Eggs are so lovely!

This Sleeping Beauty Easter Egg is shaped like Maleficent and has roses wrapped around it.  Princess Aurora is in the hollow of the egg.


Snow White Easter Egg

This Snow White Easter Egg looks like the poison apple, it even has a drop of poison running down from the stem.  The apple has the magic mirror affixed to it.  Snow White is in the hollow of the egg.  My favorite feature of this stunning egg is that the witch’s green clawed hands are reaching around the apple.


Little Mermaid Easter Egg

This Little Mermaid Easter Egg looks like Ursula.  The egg is purple and black and has two of Ursula’s octopus tentacles reaching up.  The outside of the egg is also decorated with pearls, a golden clamshell, fork, and sea shell.  In the hollow of the egg is Ariel.

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