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Terrific Obelix and Asterix Cake

Obelix and Asterix Cake

This Terrific Obelix and Asterix Cake was made by Cinzia D’Adamo of Cinzia D’Adamo Cakes. Obelix is standing on the top of the cake. The cake represents Asterix. It has the white wings of his hat, his black shirt, his green belt with gold buckle, and his red pants.

This splendid cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration. Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

Here is Cinzia’s description of this Amazing cake:

Obelix is a French cartoon character and protagonist in the French comic book series Asterix. His first appearance was in 1959. The story goes that in 50 BC almost all Gaul was occupied by the Romans but a village of Armorica, inhabited by indomitable Gauls. Oblix is a character that is kind hearted but socially inept. He fell into a cauldron of the Gauls’ magic potion when he was a baby, causing him to be the only Gaul in Asterix’s village who is in a permanent state of superhuman strength.

Obelix Cake