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Superb Jenny Sparks Cake

Jenny Sparks Cake

This Superb Jenny Sparks Cake was made by Karen Geraghty of Bake Cake Create.

This splendid cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration. Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

Here is Karen’s description of this Amazing cake:

I chose a lesser known character, Jenny Sparks, for this wonderful Comic.con collaboration. Jenny Sparks is a superhero in the Wildstorm comic book universe created by Warren Ellis. Sparks is described as “The Spirit of the 20th Century”, having been born at its beginning and later dying at its end. Jenny Sparks had absolute control of electricity, including travel through power lines, shooting bolts of lightning and shaping electricity. With age her control and power increased. By 1919 Jenny stopped aging. In terms of personality, Sparks is depicted as a superficial hedonist hiding a strong underlying sense of morality.

Jenny Sparks Cake