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Remembering Robin Williams With Cakes


This Terrific Bust of Robin Williams Cake was made by The Chocolate Genius. This cake captures his smile and looks just like a metal bust of him.

Today, July 21st, is the day that Robin Williams was born in 1951.

The Legacy of Laughter Cake Collaboration was a group of sugar artists from around the world who came together to honor Robin Williams and to raise awareness of depression by showing their interpretation of his work with edible art. All of these cakes are part of this collaboration.


Here’s a close-up of his face.


This Marvelous Robin Williams Cake was made by Cakin’ Jane.

This cake features him as the character NDR-114 robot in the movie Bicentennial Man. 


Here is a close-up of NDR-114’s face.


This Awesome Dead Poet’s Society Cake was made by Jenny’s Haute Cakes. A 3-D figure of Robin Williams is on top of the cake, He is holding a book in his hand.


The words, O Captain! My Captain!, are written on the side of the cake.


My husband loves Robin Williams’ performance in Dead Poet’s Society.


This Terrific Popeye cake was made by The Vagabond Baker. Robin Williams played Popeye in the 1980 film by the same name.


This Night at the Museum Cake was made by Novel-T Cakes.  Robin Williams, who plays President Teddy Roosevelt, is riding a horse and holding a sword in his hand.



Here’s a close-up of the horse.


This Hook cake was made by Merci Beaucoup. Robin Williams played Peter Pan in this movie.

This cake has Captain Hook’s hook on the top of the cake. There is a parchment with the words, Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. – Peter Pan



This Wonderful World According to Garp Sugar Art creation was made by Cakes With Character. Robin Williams played Garp. This is an edible painting of the movie poster.


This Splendid Mork and Mindy Cake topper features Mork breaking out of the egg with just his arm and fist sticking up above the egg. Robin Williams played Mork. This Superb cake topper was made by Mi Tulip. Nanu-Nanu is written above the egg.


This Flubber Cake was made by Stacked. Robin Williams, in the role of the absent minded professor, is holding green flubber in one hand and a beaker in the other hand.


Here’s a close-up of flubber.


This Marvelous What Dreams May Come Cake was made by Artisan Cake Company.  There is a Blue Jacaranda tree with blueish-purple leaves on top. The cake has the face of Robin Williams as Chris painted on the side of the top layer and the bottom cake layer is covered in human faces, the Faces of the Damned, that Chris navigates over to rescue Annie.