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Superb Designer Barbie Wedding Cake

Barbie Wedding Cake

This Superb Designer Barbie Wedding Cake was made by Lucia Simeone from Lucia Simeone DolceLulu.   

This Fabulous Designer Barbie Wedding Cake was made for the Wedding Cakes Inspired By Fashion A Worldwide Collaboration which is a cake collaboration where cake artists have created wedding cakes inspired by Barbie Doll designers such as Magia 200 Italy Designer Duo Mario Paglimo and Gianni Grossi, Bill Greening, Bob Mackie, Eaki, Krikor Jobotian, Alex Blas, Ovaz Designs, and others.

Barbie Wedding Cake  

Here is Lucia’s description of this Wonderful cake:

My designe was inspired by Magia 2000 Italy, designers Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi A romantic dream. Like all the girls I’ve always loved Barbie. I loved dressing up Barbie in my own way and combing them with chignon on the head, like the light ballet dancers I’ve always loved black-haired Barbie, for my hair is black. This is my idea of Barbie, as I would like her to have. Romantic and dreaming. A long soft black dress, a blooming flower. A romantic and gentle Barbie like a white flower To make Barbie and Dress I used Supar Past and Gum paste then hand painted with food colors. The neck and the final part of the dress are made of wafer paper. The effect is typical of all my creations in wafer paper that looks like hand-painted silk.


Here’s the Barbie that the cake was based on.