Terrific Little Mermaid 2nd Birthday Cookies

Little Mermaid Cookies

These Terrific Little Mermaid 2nd Birthday cookies were made by You Can Call Me Sweetie.

A lucky little princess got to have these wonderful Little Mermaid cookies for her 2nd birthday. 

Ariel is in the center of the cookies. She is on an aqua-blue cookie with her portrait in the middle. She is smiling.

A tiara fit for an underwater princess is above Ariel. It is a blue cookie shaped as a crown with a purple sea shell in the center. There are light blue decorations on the tiara cookie.

A round cookie has a smiling Flounder and another cookie has Sebastian the crab. These are on either side of Ariel. 

A blue and purple seashell cookie has golden sand and pearls on it. A number two cookie has a golden flower on it. It has a scaly pattern like a sea creature.

The cookie below the Little Mermaid is shaped like a seashell and has golden trim and says The Little Mermaid Emily. 

A golden trident cookie has an aquamarine background.

These hand-painted cookies are gorgeous.

Ariel Cookie

Ariel’s clothes are 3-D and so are the golden seashells at the bottom of the cookie frame.

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