These PAW Patrol Cake Pops Are Here To Save The Day!

PAW Patrol Cake Pops
PAW Patrol Cake Pops

These marvelous PAW Patrol Cake Pops were made by Kátia Dias. They feature Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rumble, Zuma and Rocky.  

The detail on these cake pops is amazing! Kátia makes some of the best cake pops, cupcakes, and chocolates I’ve ever seen.


Chase Cake Pops



Marshall Cake Pops



Skye Cake Pops

These Skye cake pops are my favorite of this wonderful set.  The detail on Skye’s face is great and I really like the pink goggles on the top of her head.


Rumble Cake Pops



Zuma Cake Pops



Rocky Cake Pops