Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride Cake

Santas Midnight Sleigh Ride Cake

I made this Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride Cake for my nephew’s birthday. His birthday is in December and I wanted to make something special for him.  I thought it would be nice to mix holiday and birthday together so I made this Christmas themed airbrushed cake.

Santas Midnight Sleigh Ride Cake

I decided to just use blue, white, and black in my color scheme.  I had no lights in the buildings and pictured everyone asleep.

Several years ago I saw this terrific airbrushed Christmas cake made by Roses and Bows Cakery by Karen Keaney that I thought would be perfect for the occasion. Their tutorial above really helped me with my cake.

Christmas Birthday Cake

I put the words Happy Birthday on the top of the cake written in the night sky.

Below are some in-progress shots of the cake.

Santas Midnight Sleigh Ride Cake

I put on a white circle of fondant where the moon would go so it would not be painted blue with the rest of the cake just like the tutorial showed.

I peeled it off afterwards, and then painted in the blue I wanted on the moon.

Santas MidNight Sleigh Ride Cake

Here’s the airbrushed side of the cake without buildings.  I used a torn piece of paper towel to make the clouds with the airbrush.