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You’ll Get A Charge Out Of These Megavolt Cookies

Megavolt Cookies
Megavolt Cookies

These marvelous Megavolt 29th Birthday Cookies were made by Пряники Калининград for a friend who is an electrician. These wonderful cookies have Megavolt in two different poses. Megavolt has a really complex costume for an animated character and it looks great here. He is always nervous and his facial expression is perfect on these cookies.

One of the most enjoyable parts about writing this blog is sharing cakes and cookies featuring rare characters. My husband and I used to set the VCR to record The Disney Afternoon and then we’d watch it in the evenings after work. One of the shows that we watched daily was Darkwing Duck.

I’ve only featured Darkwing Duck twice on this blog, so I was delighted when I found these awesome Megavolt cookies. They bring a big smile to my face, so I had to share them.

I’d ranked Megavolt as #2 in Darkwing Duck’s rouges gallery. First place goes to Negaduck because he is an evil mirror of Darkwing. Megavolt seems inspired by the classic Spider-Man villain, Electro. While I really like Electro, I Megavolt is more fun because he isn’t as serious as a character. I don’t know if I have a favorite solo Megavolt episode, but I really liked him as part of the Fearsome Five in the two part Just Us Justice Ducks.

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