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Award Winning Yogi Bear Cookies

Yogi Bear Cookies
Yogi Bear Cookies

These award winning Yogi Bear Cookies were made by New Orleans Cookie Company. They were award first place at CookieCon 2018 Sugar Show.


Yogi Bear Cookies

These wonderful cookies feature:

Yogi Bear – Yogi is running and sticking his tongue out at Ranger Smith. He has a stolen picnic basket under one arm and a sandwich, that he has bitten into, in his other hand.

Boo-Boo Bear: Boo-Boo is also running from Ranger Smith. He has cupcake in his hands and is almost drooling over it.

Ranger Smith – As always, the poor ranger is chasing Yogi and Boo-Boo.

Cindy Bear – Cindy is standing to one side holding her parasol.

There is also a cookie which looks like a wooden frame with the Yogi Bear cartoon logo in it.


Picnic Cookies

As my much as I adore the Yogi Bear Cookies, these picnic cookie take the cake.

The detail on all of the tiny items is absolutely amazing. There is a picnic basket, a cake, a bag of potato chips with potato chips to the side of it, a few different types of cookies, a sandwich, a chicken leg, a donut, a pizza, an apple, a green apple and a banana. Lots and lots of yummy treats for somebody who is smarter then the average bear. 


Yogi Bear Cookie Collage

Here is a collage of these great cookies.

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