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Cute Zelda and Link Cookies

Zelda Cookies

I made these Zelda and Link cookies for a Wedding shower gift.

The bride and groom have many fond memories playing Zelda together.

These cookies include a light blue Hylian shield and a darker blue Hylian shield.  Link uses a Hylian Shield in The Legend of Zelda game.

These cookies were inspired by a drawing by Ellenent. In that drawing, Link and Zelda are holding hands and smiling at each other. I really liked her romantic version of Zelda and Link as a Wedding present.

Link and Zelda Cookies

I decided to do the top parts of the characters. Link is looking toward Zelda and Zelda is looking toward Link. Both are smiling.

I made vanilla heart cookies. I covered them in white royal icing. Then I hand-painted the Legend of Zelda characters on the cookies.

Zelda Cookies

I painted 2 versions of the Hylian shield, The first one was lighter blue and this one was darker blue.

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