Superb Miku Hatsune Cake

Miku Hatsune cake

This superb Miku Hatsune Cake was made by Cristina Bonafede & Aurora Bonafede.

This piece is part of  Cake Con International Collaboration.

Here’s the baker’s description of the piece:

We were inspired by Miku Hatsune the world’s famous post human pop star. She is the diva of the moment in Japan , she evanscent, has a full set of hair in a vibrant blue color , and she probably shops at the same store as Sailor Moon. A very important detail she is a tridimensional hologram !
Hatsune Miku is so successful that she goes on tour. She has live concerts with public and a band. Her hologram looks amazing on stage, do you think that sooner or later she would steal the scene to Lady Gaga?

Miku Hatsune cake