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Disney Sorcerer’s Apprentice Cake

Disney Sorcerer Apprentice Cake

This Disney Sorcerer’s Apprentice cake features Mickey Mouse form the Fantasia movie. 

This wonderful cake was made by Roberta Petix.

This cake is based on the third piece in Disney’s Fantasia. The music for this piece was played by a 100 piece orchestra that was conducted by Stokowski.

The animated brooms are at the bottom of the cake. The broom is holding water buckets. Smaller brooms are coming down stairs while holding water buckets on the other side of the cake.

The Disney castle is silhouetted in gold on the bottom tier of the cake.

Mickey Mouse is wearing his red cape and blue hat and holding the wand in his hand. He is standing by a glass bowl with led lights between the bottom and middle tiers of the cake. 

It makes it look like Mickey inspired the lights.

In addition, gold stars are running from Mickey up the middle tier of the cake. 

This looks like a 1st birthday cake because it has a gold number 1 on the cake.

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