Donald Duck

Gravity Defying Donald Duck’s Boat Cake

Gravity Defying Donald Duck's Boat Cake
Gravity Defying Donald Duck’s Boat Cake

This Gravity Defying Donald Duck’s Boat Cake has the cake suspended on a tall stream of water. Two of the nephews are underneath, playing in the water. Donald and one of the nephews are riding on the boat.

This wonderful cake was made by Leeadinda.

I like the way the cabin of the boat looks like Donald’s hat. The boat is white with blue trim that matches the duke’s hats and jackets. In addition, red and white life boys match the red bowties on the boys. Moreover, the yellow stripe on the boat matches the yellow sun and the yellow duckbills. There is a yellow number 3 on the boat. Notice that the birthday boy is also dressed in a matching blue hat and jacket and red bow tie.  He is also wearing yellow shoes to match the yellow duck feet.

I like the way the boat looks like it is floating on stream of water.

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