Mickey Mouse Balloons Cake

Mickey Mouse Balloons cake
Mickey Mouse Balloons cake

This Mickey Mouse balloons cake is a two-tier cake covered in Mickey-heads and circles in graduated shades of gray.  First, a wonderful fondant  2-D Mickey Mouse is holding a bouquet of fondant red, yellow, and black balloons of different sizes.  Second, the balloons cover the top of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer.

In addition, I like the way the Mickey heads are dark grey and larger on the base of the cake. Fourth, they get a little smaller and a lighter shade of gray at the top of this tier.  Next, the top tier has smaller lighter gray circles at the base of the top tier. Moreover, tiny light gray dots are at the top of this tier.

Finally, the red, yellow, and black balloons are on the top of the cake with strings coming down from the balloons to Mickey’s hand.

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