Mickey Skeleton Halloween Cake

Mickey Skeleton Halloween Cake
Mickey Skeleton Halloween Cake

This Mickey Skeleton Halloween Cake is a single tier orange buttercream cake with a black fondant band around the bottom half.  The cake is decorated with cute paper cutouts of Mickey in a skeleton costume and ghosts. The Mickey head on top is black in front with cutouts of bats and the Disneyland castle that show the orange that is underneath.  

This wonderful cake was made by Docuras Da Ju.

In addition the birthday name is written in black letters with an orange background. Cute white ghosts draw out the white of Mickey’s gloves. The cake makes good use of an orange, black, and white color scheme.  The cutouts are really nicely done. This is a simple and tasteful way to decorate this 8th birthday Halloween cake.

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This amazing cupcake tower features Donald as a red devil, Mickey Mouse as Dracula, Minnie Mouse as a witch, Daisy Duck as a princess, Goofy as a mummy and Pluto as a skeleton.

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