Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown Cookie Pops

Charlie Brown Cookie Pops
Charlie Brown Cookie Pops

These Charlie Brown Cookie Pops feature Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock. It also includes a cookie with the birthday name.

These wonderful cookies were made by Graciela Grosskopf.  These look like a chocolate cookie base with each character made bo different colors of royal icing.  

Also I like the way the Snoopy  cookie is shaded to show dimension. In addition the Charlie Brown cookie has details like rosy cheeks, a squiggle line for his hair, tiny line for his socks, and tiny royal icing black shoe laces on his brown shoes. Also the Woodstock cookie has a textured head and tiny lines for feathers on his tail. Inaddition his fingers and toes are lined and he is shaded and has rosy cheeks to give him more character. Furthermore the Birthday cookie has tiny red and white flowers and a gray brick pattern airbrushed onto the top and bottom of the cookie.

Furthermore I like the way the cookies are color coordinated.  For example the plant stalks behind Snoopy and Charlie Brown are yellow and red and match the red and yellow stripe on the Birthday cookies.  In addition his red collar matches the red on the birthday cookie.

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