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Sculpted Quark Cake

Sculpted Quark Cake
Sculpted Quark Cake

This sculpted Quark cake features a terrific edible sculpted bust of Quark. I am a Star Trek fan.  Quark is a terrific character on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television show.  Many times on the show he is highly motivated by profit because he is a Ferengi.  In contrast there are also  times when he shows compassion and he has been generous and loyal.  Also his interactions with security chief Odo are a great addition to the show.

This wonderful cake was made by Mike McCarey. He did such a good job creating this edible sculpted bust of Quark. Mike McCarey is well known for his realistic looking cakes. Notice the detail of Quark’s sharp needle point teeth, and the wrinkles and shading on his forehead and around his nose.  His ears are also terrific.  

In addition the collar on his jacket and the tiny checkered pattern on his vest is terrific.  The jacket has added lines and shading to give it character. Also the gold edging and the red jewel at the top of his vest is terrific. 


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