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Mandalorian Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The Mandalorian Chocolate Strawberries
The Mandalorian Chocolate Strawberries

These Mandalorian Chocolate Covered Strawberries feature The Mandalorian, Din Djarin and Grogu – Baby Yoda. This set of 12 strawberries is nicely color coordinated. Beside each character strawberry is a strawberry of the same basic color. For example, a tan chocolate covered strawberry with small light green lines matches the tan and green Baby Yoda, Grogu, strawberry beside it. In addition  The gray chocolate covered strawberry with small black lines matches the Mandalorian helmet strawberries beside it.

These wonderful chocolate strawberries were made by Lush Bites.

Baby Yoda Chocolate Strawberry

In addition, here’s a close-up of the Baby Yoda Strawberry. His ears are separate pieces of green royal icing transfers that are glued on with royal icing.  Also his eyes are black royal icing with white catchlights.  The beige collar has dots to make it appear textured.

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