Mickey and Goofy Cake

Mickey is off on another adventure with his friend Goofy at his side. 

This fabulous Mickey and Goofy cake was made by Luma’s Cake.

The bottom tier of the cake is blue and green plaid.  It must have been time consuming to make that pattern. Mickey is on the side of the layer. He is winking one eye and has his arm poised to move quickly like he is blazing into a new adventure.

The middle tier of the cake is dark red. Pluto is on the side of this tier and is positioned just behind Mickey.

The top tier is textured blue and green to match the bottom tier.

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Disney Star Wars Cookies

These Wonderful Mickey Meets Star Wars Cookies were made by You Can Call Me Sweetie.

What would happen if Mickey and his friends dressed as the main characters of a Star Wars movie?

These superb cookies display the answer.

The cookie in the middle show a silhouette of Mickey Mouse in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader.

Donald Duck is dressed as Darth Maul on a white background cookie.

Stitch makes a great Emperor cookie.

Minnie Mouse poses as Leia on a cookie.

Pete is a green Gamorrean guard just like the ones in Jabba’s palace.

Goofy is dressed as Darth Vader.

Mickey Mouse is dressed as a Jedi knight.

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Mickey and Friends Cake

Wow! This wonderful painted Mickey Mouse and Friends Birthday Cake was made by the instructors at The Mac Baker Pastry School.  This is a single tier barrel cake with a Mickey Mouse hat on top.  The cake is accented with white, light blue, red, and black balls.  The focal of the cake is an amazing painting of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.


Close-up of Mickey and Friends Cake


Here is a close-up of this great painting.

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Disney Christmas Cake

Wow! It is hard to believe this masterpiece is a cake.  It was made by Şule Küçük Yılmaz.  The center of the cake is three Christmas presents.  Each is wrapped differently.  Around the presents are Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Santa.   Mickey Mouse is dressed as Santa and carrying a bag of toys.  Pluto has a Christmas wreath around his neck and has gotten tangled in Christmas tree lights.  Santa Claus is carrying a bag of presents and ringing a bell.  Minnie Mouse is standing on top of the first present.  She is dressed in green and red.  There is a Santa hat on top of the second present, Chip ‘n’ Dale are looking out from it.  There are Christmas tree ornaments and snow on the ground.

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