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Amazing Alice in Circusland Cake

Alice in Circusland Cake

Courtney & Alaina from Cake Nouveau made this wonderful Alice in Circusland cake for TLC’s 2010 National Capital Area Cake Show Challenge.  In this amazing cake, the White Rabbit has become a circus performer and the Mad Hatter is a clown/ring master.  Alice as always is watching all of this in wonder.


A few of these pictures came from Honeybee Bakeshop’s wonderful blog.  


Alice in Circusland Cake


The Mad Hatter

I can’t tell if the Mad Hatter is a clown, the ring master, or both.


The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is juggling while balancing on the back of a elephant who is balancing on a mushroom.



Alice is watching all this in awe and wonder.


Here are Courtney & Alaina with their wonderful creation.

Alice in Circusland CakeAlice in Circusland Cake

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